Investment Approach

Partnership with Management

We don't run companies, we rely on the management teams we back. Our job is to make sure that we have the right people in the right spots with the proper incentives, and then provide the resources required to achieve our common goals and objectives.

Local Presence

Focusing on the Southwest and being located in the heart of Texas enables us to quickly react to opportunities and challenges that arise in the region and to be highly responsive to our portfolio companies.

Conservative Investment Approach

We have maintained a consistent and conservative approach to investing through several economic cycles, interest rate environments, and public equity markets. We don't like to create our own surprises so we avoid excessive debt and seek to achieve our returns through growth and operational improvements rather than through financial engineering.

Value Added Resources

The investment and business experience of our group allows us to provide hands-on assistance to our portfolio companies on a number of fronts. Every company is different in terms of needs and opportunities, but we most typically provide leadership in areas of strategy development, management team building, incentive plan creation, operational improvement initiatives, acquisitions and divestitures, financial controls and analyses, and exit planning and execution. We also provide our companies with access to our network of contacts and other resources that can aid growing businesses, whether it's additional capital, professional services, industry and competitive research, or business development opportunities. Additionally, our proven track record and reputation within the market can help attract executives that will supplement an existing management team.

Located in Austin, Texas. For more information, please contact us.